Friday, February 29, 2008

This is a classic moment from my wedding reception. I have to say...if you're thinking about getting married, invite BJ. He makes weddings very special. If you think weddings are about love...

you're right! But, they are also about celebrating! Having an awesome time, and making sure you, as well as your guests, are having an awesome time! As you can see from the picture, BJ was doing his part. Look at my Great Aunt and Uncle's expression. Classic. Here is another example.

I'm pretty sure he's dancing, but there is a slight chance that he is lecturing the crowd about the importance of putting memos in the "in" box as opposed to putting them in the "out" box. It's just something he is really serious about. Of course, BJ wasn't the only one adding to the fun atmosphere. There actually isn't enough room to show examples of everyone having fun, but I will post a few more pictures.

Here is a picture of Falcon, Daniel, and Matt performing the Dirty Dancing lift. Yes, I Had the Time of My Life was playing. Daniel's head was about an inch from hitting the ground. It was scary.

Of Course Steven was there, and he can't be outdone. If you're going to remember one thing, and one thing should be that Steven can't be outdone.

Oh yeah, and our exit was a disaster. I guess sparklers on a humid,foggy night is not a good idea. We coughed all of the way to the limo, and set off the smoke alarm. The good thing was that the church learned their fire alarm was not set up properly.