Friday, February 15, 2008

Local Production Company's Talent Audition Videos Online

For some reason, Diamond Studios has their available talent's audition videos online. It's strange because several of them stumble over their words, so I guess they only got one take. They have three different pages of talent, the men, the women, and one page entitled real people. I am assuming this means the other two pages are animatronic talent. It's neat to see the differences between how they all read. My favorite from the men are Tim Kelly, Justin Green, and Christopher Lee. Gabrielle Metz and Cynthia Dubose are the best women and Gabrielle is the best over-all. She's wild and crazy! I actually worked on a film with her a year or so ago where she played juror number 9 - the juror that smells the shoe.

Here are the men (animatronic)

Here are the women (animatronic)

Here are the real people