Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ideas in Progress (so we dont forget them)

Stacey Shirley's Jewelry Emporium for Men (not Stacey Shirley's Men's Jewelry Emporium - he does NOT own men)
So, this is a commercial for a jewelry emporium owned by a man named Stacey Shirley. The purpose of the commercial is to teach men about the masculine qualities of wearing jewelry. Some preliminary ideas for this are listed in older posts.

MAN! idea

One time at the creek Robby got really drunk and started throwing rocks and yelling "Man!" From that point on, anytime someones questions him on any ground, he picks up a rock and throws it while yelling "MAN!" So, we are going to make a series of short (30 secs probably) videos that use this as a gag. They will consist of a guy doing something subtly feminine. When someone notices he throws down whatever it is he is doing and picks up an inexplicably placed rock and throws it. Then yells "Man!" and points to himself. We still have to work out the circumstances that lead to this punch -line.

Umma Do ME
This is a mock music video - not a parody. It will play out like a rap video for the new hit song "Umma Do Me" and will eventually lead to homoerotic doppelganger sex scene.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Funnyordie Again.

This time Sally Struthers has made it to the main page.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Local Jewelry Store Commercial

Video to help men get used to wearing Jewelry such as watches and rings. "Men, wearing jewelry is easy as long as the piece of jewelry in question demonstrates masculinity, strength and style. A piece of jewelry can highlight your point of view and maturity." Different guy (probably looking like a JC Penny Model) This wedding ring shows that I love this woman just like my friend Terry Bradshaw's four superbowl rings demonstrate his Nordic Godness.

Work In Progress

Our Short, "Talk Into The Lobster" is in the What's Hot section of FUNNYORDIE

A short that we made in the summer between our sophomore and junior year of college is featured in the What's Hot section of right now. Here is a screen shot.

Wow! So, it's only an hour later and another one of our sketches has made it to the main page of funnyordie. It's Cocoon III. here is another screenshot.

We have two shorts on the main page at one time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our First Album

These are tracks off of ...Da Back A Da Ho Line, our first album. Notice the mature content warning on the album reads "contains the MOST explicit lyrics." You've been warned.

SB 2003 (Hotdog)- a get hype spring break track.

Space Brain - about the future of technological love

My Former Corporate Logo

I started a line of clothes back in the day that made designer short shorts for girls. It was called Justin Rulez Ass Wear. The trademark was the line "Justin Rulez this One!" across the fanny of the shorts. Back when I was just realizing photoshop's potential to accomplish my dreams, I made this hasty corporate logo. There are only one pair of Justin Rulez Ass shorts in known existence today.

Selected Works from Robby Trione's Calender

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hurry and Post The First Picture

you need to hurry up and post that picture so i can get going on my picture, cause mine is going to punch your's in the penis!!


this is a collaborative blog, so i guess i will post some of our collaborations. we've done a lot of video work together and these videos give an idea of how poorly/well we work together depending on your take. if you play all three at they same time, they actually sync and recreate Dark Side of the Moon - or was it The Muppet's Wizard of Oz?...

The First Idea

The idea is simple, maybe too simple. We begin with one picture, I'm not sure what picture, but it will be one picture of either of us, somewhere, doing something. Then the picture is sent to the other one and the composition is copied exactly, but an element is added - hopefully magic. Then the picture is sent to the other person and copied again, including the new element and adding another element - more magic. And it goes on like this until we decide it has become too much. I'm not sure if this description is too general and we are going to run into a lot of problems, perhaps their should be more obstructions, but I guess we won't know until we try it.

(an hour later) so this IS going to prove to be way too difficult, so we have changed the project to be the shape of the body has to stay the same. say robby goes first, which he is cause our intern chose him, and he sits in a chair with one arm in the air, i would then have to come up with another photo of me in a sitting position with one arm in the air. i suppose i could just also sit in a chair, but then that would be no fun. the first pictures, hopefully will go up this week.