Friday, February 29, 2008

Groomsmen Photo Shoot!!!!

When you've been in the modeling business as long as my groomsmen have, it goes without saying that a playful pre-wedding photo shoot is going to be fun and result in some fabulous images. Of course, we all have different specialties and that also adds an interesting element. JB, for instance, is a veteran of JC Penny catalogs, and Falcon limits himself to beard dye boxes. Here are some examples of some free form photos. I have to admit that the Journey homage was planned...and look who is trying to upstage everyone...STEVEN! By the way, we're always looking to become beer spokes models.

This is a classic moment from my wedding reception. I have to say...if you're thinking about getting married, invite BJ. He makes weddings very special. If you think weddings are about love...

you're right! But, they are also about celebrating! Having an awesome time, and making sure you, as well as your guests, are having an awesome time! As you can see from the picture, BJ was doing his part. Look at my Great Aunt and Uncle's expression. Classic. Here is another example.

I'm pretty sure he's dancing, but there is a slight chance that he is lecturing the crowd about the importance of putting memos in the "in" box as opposed to putting them in the "out" box. It's just something he is really serious about. Of course, BJ wasn't the only one adding to the fun atmosphere. There actually isn't enough room to show examples of everyone having fun, but I will post a few more pictures.

Here is a picture of Falcon, Daniel, and Matt performing the Dirty Dancing lift. Yes, I Had the Time of My Life was playing. Daniel's head was about an inch from hitting the ground. It was scary.

Of Course Steven was there, and he can't be outdone. If you're going to remember one thing, and one thing should be that Steven can't be outdone.

Oh yeah, and our exit was a disaster. I guess sparklers on a humid,foggy night is not a good idea. We coughed all of the way to the limo, and set off the smoke alarm. The good thing was that the church learned their fire alarm was not set up properly.


My friend, JB, shared this link with me. The thing that is crazy here is seeing this reporter's reactions, but not seeing a cause for his reaction. Sure, we see and hear the operator of the ray gun, but we don't see a ray of light. This reporter pretty much looks insane. I know the first line of defense I always run to is plywood. If there isn't any of that around I look for the nearest mattress. Now, if both of these items are nowhere to be found then my mind would begin racing. Is there some sort of melon, crayon, dumpster, cardboard, chipmunk, indoctrination, vasectomy that I could shield myself with. I guess it all depends where this ray gun is being tested. Are you at some government compound or in the basement babysitting your hyperactive nephew Scooter?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Saban would be mighty proud of that cake, Laser. But at his actual wedding he was pretty traditional. The cake was topped with the classic bride and groom figures, except they were both Nick Saban. This is a recreation:

This is what I want when I am forced into marriage. Amen.

I'm a BIG BAMA FAN! Wedding Cake Idea

I tried to convince my wife to get the caterer to make this for the wedding. Needless to say it was a losing battle. I was and still am excited that we got Saban! Some of my friends probably don't believe that we are true fans. We got married on September 1st: Saban's first game. But, come on! It was Western Carolina! Good thing we won, or else we might have been tarred, feathered, and chased to the Mississippi border.

I know Valentine's Day is Over, But....

I came across this blog,, where there were these scientist themed valentine's day cards. They were pretty good. This one of Carl Sagan reminded me of a design I created in Photoshop for a t-shirt. By the way my girlfriend loved it (we're now married! Coincidence? I think not!).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Guerilla Advertising! This is Awesome Innovation

This is a pretty cool non-traditional ad. What a great way to show the possible hair styles. Great idea!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Building Implosion!!!! The Parliament House Hotel

If our mayor knew anything, he'd implode a building everyday making us the implosion capital of the world! It could be a new unique tourist industry. This is the Parliament House Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. My friend Matt and I shot this.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Football and Music Videos

I don't really know what to say about these videos. Maybe I'll comment more later...I'm too tired right now.

This second one is even better than the first. Maybe cause the song is better. You would think the LA Rams would be able to make a good song, but I guess they're too busy ramming it. The diamonds also know how to throw an awesome house least that's what it looks like.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Local Production Company's Talent Audition Videos Online

For some reason, Diamond Studios has their available talent's audition videos online. It's strange because several of them stumble over their words, so I guess they only got one take. They have three different pages of talent, the men, the women, and one page entitled real people. I am assuming this means the other two pages are animatronic talent. It's neat to see the differences between how they all read. My favorite from the men are Tim Kelly, Justin Green, and Christopher Lee. Gabrielle Metz and Cynthia Dubose are the best women and Gabrielle is the best over-all. She's wild and crazy! I actually worked on a film with her a year or so ago where she played juror number 9 - the juror that smells the shoe.

Here are the men (animatronic)

Here are the women (animatronic)

Here are the real people

Great Television Intro or How I Would Spend My Time If I Was Rich?

I came across this video when I was talking to my friend. She was telling me that her and her new husband are going to go spend all of the gift cards they received from their reception, and that reminded me of Super Market Sweep. She had never heard of the show so I sent her a video link. Here is one of the videos I sent. This video is pretty crazy. I wonder why they chose to have rabbit and devil ears later on in the video. It just seems like it would be a great way to have fun. You tell me.

Just When I Was About To Buy A Zune

I know commercials don't really affect behavior as much as companies would like them to, but I was starting to think Zune was one of the cooler brands based on their commercials. I do think the quality of commercials somehow reflects the quality of the product, maybe. I really think that ipod's initial commercials caused people to buy them. The effect that they used for a while became almost as popular as the light saber...probably not that was a big deal though. I don't know if anyone else looks online for After Effects tutorials as much as I do, but have you noticed how many light saber tutorials there are?! Dang! ipods are still probably the most sought after brand of mp3 player. I probably wouldn't buy an ipod because I feel they're over priced and their new commercials suck. They don't have anything graphically interesting--just a catchy tune.

Anyway...all ranting aside...I tend to do that a lot...that's probably why my friends give me the evil eye and my wife needs personal time on Sundays. I said I would stop ranting and now I will. The point of this post was that I saw this Zune ad recently and was very disappointed. What is with all the cutesy Japanese style that is so rampant recently?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pinpression Fun at the Local Hands on Children Museum

About two weeks ago my friend Brighid had a birthday party at the McWane Science Center, which is a children's hands-on museum. I drove over with Matt Ray and Megan Lester, and we arrived about an hour or so after everyone else had gotten there. We decided we would pace ourselves and go through the museum from the beginning and catch up with the others later. Here is a picture of us starting off in the Crazy PERSpecTiVe HouSe.


We made our way through the wacky mirrors and the thing that merged your face with another person's to show you what you would look like if you were only one person, and we turned a corner and found the Pinpressions area! I have always liked Pinpressions. They're fun to imprint your hand with a middle finger up, or your face, or genitalia, but these were no ordinary Pinpressions, these where ENORMOUS!! So, we immediately made the most inappropriate pictures possible.

I made this one of me vomiting. Unfortunately, this picture is weirdly colored and a little blurry.

And we were constantly having to battle with children for workspace, but it worked out nicely this time to acheive this effect:

I had really been trying to figure out what more to add, it seemed lacking, and then this kid just brought it. He just went around to all the pinpression boards smashing his face in them at that height, unknowingly creating this. His dad came around the other side and was almost on the ground rolling he was laughing so hard. He kept calling other dad's over to come look.

Finally, when the kids cleared out, we had the boards to ourselves. This is what we left behind:

There were others, but we didn't get them all. Unfortunately, that last one is blurry and discolored too, but it was a very nice day of the dead looking skeleton with a terrifying face. The full bodied picture is called "I need an adult."

I would love to have an entire Pinpression wall in my home that I could manipulate each day.

Montgomery, AL destroys guns

City officials in Montgomery, AL decided to destroy confiscated guns by means of bulldozer, buzz-saws, and blowtorches ( kinda sounds like a good name for a country music album. I hope you're listening Hank Williams Jr.)

Was this the easiest and most effective way to keep these deadly weapons away from those with harmful and malicious intentions? I think they should have dumped them into the Atlantic Ocean or better yet...the Arctic Ocean. Do what the Russians (I think that's who it was) did when they claimed some areas in the arctic by placing their flag at the bottom of the ocean. If they want the guns bad enough they can obtain them at their own risk. They could also dump them in a tank of hungry sharks and then have the tank guarded by tigers. The best solution might be to chain or gorilla glue them to Kimono Dragons. I'd like to see'em get those guns!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andrew Jackson's America: Chicks With Guns

These videos are Jacksonian Democracy defined. If his immortal soul were still politically active (he lives in the Appalachain foothills in a converted bus these days and is sometimes seen at John Birch Society meetings), he'd walk back into the white house wearing a shirt that read "Bush is a Pussy," and slap that Trust Fund Baby in the face - making W into Jackson's 15th duel. If you can survive 14 duels, one more wont hurt. So, here's to Old Hickory's America:

Thank goodness the Republican's let the Automatic Weapon Ban expire in 2004, we really needed those back - as Americans. And now we are a stronger nation in 2008!

Hell Yes!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dr Phil's Son

I worked on a show a few years ago that never made it to air. It was called "Moochers" and it was a spin-off of a Dr Phil episode. The show was produced by Jay McGraw, Dr Phil's son. I took this photo and doctored it up. I rarely interacted with Jay, and when I did he seemed pretty nice, but I was compelled to make this. Oh well, I thought it was funny. Brett Butler was the host of the show, and that is her in the picture.

I also got this picture with Brett, who was very cool, and surprisingly intellectual. The pose that I have here is my trademark pose for famous people and landmarks. I will post a gallery of examples at some point.

Facebook Photoshopped

For a while, I was really into Facebook (sort of like the way i was gay for a bit in the '80s). I would create groups solely to create hilarious photos in photoshop to represent that group. I also made some profile avatars for friends' pages. These are examples of a few of those.

Updated Selected Works from Robby's Calender

I updated the post displaying photos from Robby's Calender. I added a Lance Armstrong inspired picture.

Check out the update

MGMT's "Time to Pretend" - A Kick Ass After Effects Music Video

This is the music video for "Time to Pretend" by MGMT, off the album Oracular Spectacular. The keying in this video is pretty rough, so there are artifacts around the people and objects, but it actually adds to the psychedelic imagery. There are homages to Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain and thousands of dolphins. It's really a great video and a great song. Check it out in great quality here:

(It takes a minute to load, but it is worth it!)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Behind the Caricature

These videos are awesome because of the amazing visual descriptions that this artists uses to help build his caricatures of the presidential candidates.

From the Makers of Boa vs Python comes Baby vs Cobra

Hollywood or maybe an independent producer should really think about making a movie inspired by this viral. I can see it now...a mix between the Boa vs Python movies, Snakes on a Train, and Honey We Blew Up the Baby. This video would inspire the climatic fight scene. The location would have to change. Blankets are pretty cool and all, but it might be more cool if they were fighting in a city, next to the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Chunnel or on a stormy in the Atlantic Ocean with NYC in the background. Outside of Paul Revere's house might be cool too or some other historical location or monument. The possibilities are endless. I'm not so sure about the storyline, but the story is really not as important as the action.

This Ad Would Not Work Today

There so much that can be said about this image. My mind begins racing when I look at it. My initial thought was a visualization of a dude humping a book (of course he would have to be wearing a suit like Ward Cleaver). Then I started thinking about how the attitude about reading has changed since this ad was made (well I think it has). I know there was a time when I would put up quite a fight if I had to read something or my mind would think about unrelated things and I wouldn't absorb anything that I was supposed to have read. I will quit rambling. I just thought this ad was AWESOME.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

HOLY SHIT!! We need him!!

As an Alabamian, this makes me damn proud of our political system. It is a solid institution, similar to our education system, where a man like this could find a public platform.

Something that I thought was Funny

I sent a bunch of people a link today for NikeID. Basically, Nike lets you customize a variety of their stuff. My friend Todd responded to this link. He wasn't very unimpressed and started talking about a similar effort that converse had made, and how it wasn't successful. It was actually so unsuccessful that he has not been able to find any record of the product anywhere. They have forgotten it much like George Lucas wishes he could forget Howard the Duck. Todd explained to me that the reason that he remembered this add resulted from him having something recorded on VHS and the commercial for this product was also on it. I told Todd that he should make several copies and send one of the copies to converse along with a note. The note would read something like this:

I know you have been trying real hard to forget about this. I haven't forgotten. You can destroy this copy if you want. I have several more.

Basketball should be more about music

After a anti-drug rap video that a basketball team creates receives rave reviews, the team's owner decides to focus more on music than basketball. I guess this could be the reason that Shaq was recently traded to the Phoenix Suns. Here is the link to the inspiration for this sketch.

The sketch starts in the owners office. His desk is covered with CDs and head shots. The GM walks in.

Herb have you seen all the mail we've been getting regarding the team's rap video?

I have and judging by this weeks Billboard 100, it looks like we have a hit on our hands here.

That's great! Maybe the video will actually reach kids and the drug epidemic will end.

That would be great, Jim, but I think you're missing the importance here.

I thought we were trying to help kids?

Well...look at it this way, we were putting our feelers out. Now we know that what we thought could be marketable IS marketable. This changes the whole philosophy of how we will approach this organization. I've been looking at these photos and listening to demos all morning. Russel Simmons and Dr. Dre are coming in later to discuss the possibilities of this venture. We need to start getting the paper work flowing so that we can get the key components installed so that the gears really start moving. We also need to get all of our current players to cut demos as soon as possible. That is at the utmost importance. I want to give them a fair chance of keeping their spot on the roster.

Some of these guys are All-Stars, are you saying that their position on the roster might be in jeopardy.

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Just do what I say and don't ask any questions. (under his breath) asshole .