Thursday, February 7, 2008

Something that I thought was Funny

I sent a bunch of people a link today for NikeID. Basically, Nike lets you customize a variety of their stuff. My friend Todd responded to this link. He wasn't very unimpressed and started talking about a similar effort that converse had made, and how it wasn't successful. It was actually so unsuccessful that he has not been able to find any record of the product anywhere. They have forgotten it much like George Lucas wishes he could forget Howard the Duck. Todd explained to me that the reason that he remembered this add resulted from him having something recorded on VHS and the commercial for this product was also on it. I told Todd that he should make several copies and send one of the copies to converse along with a note. The note would read something like this:

I know you have been trying real hard to forget about this. I haven't forgotten. You can destroy this copy if you want. I have several more.


Baron Tod von Ernst said...

More specifically, I was talking about the built in "pumps" in the heal, not the customizability of the shoe. Converse had a shoe called the Catapult back in 1990 with a similar idea which was - each time your heal hit the ground it would trigger a catapult that would send it back into the air. As you could imagine, each shoe was 5 lbs, which would more than offset any catapulting power.

But man, if they had refined it instead of abandoning it, just think what could have happened. The dudes that made those sneakers with the wheels in the heel (that annoy all of us in public places like the airport) probably didn't get it right the first time.

Anyway, this is not a comment - this is a call to action: Find me some evidence of Converse's Catapult or else