Friday, February 15, 2008

Just When I Was About To Buy A Zune

I know commercials don't really affect behavior as much as companies would like them to, but I was starting to think Zune was one of the cooler brands based on their commercials. I do think the quality of commercials somehow reflects the quality of the product, maybe. I really think that ipod's initial commercials caused people to buy them. The effect that they used for a while became almost as popular as the light saber...probably not that was a big deal though. I don't know if anyone else looks online for After Effects tutorials as much as I do, but have you noticed how many light saber tutorials there are?! Dang! ipods are still probably the most sought after brand of mp3 player. I probably wouldn't buy an ipod because I feel they're over priced and their new commercials suck. They don't have anything graphically interesting--just a catchy tune.

Anyway...all ranting aside...I tend to do that a lot...that's probably why my friends give me the evil eye and my wife needs personal time on Sundays. I said I would stop ranting and now I will. The point of this post was that I saw this Zune ad recently and was very disappointed. What is with all the cutesy Japanese style that is so rampant recently?!