Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pinpression Fun at the Local Hands on Children Museum

About two weeks ago my friend Brighid had a birthday party at the McWane Science Center, which is a children's hands-on museum. I drove over with Matt Ray and Megan Lester, and we arrived about an hour or so after everyone else had gotten there. We decided we would pace ourselves and go through the museum from the beginning and catch up with the others later. Here is a picture of us starting off in the Crazy PERSpecTiVe HouSe.


We made our way through the wacky mirrors and the thing that merged your face with another person's to show you what you would look like if you were only one person, and we turned a corner and found the Pinpressions area! I have always liked Pinpressions. They're fun to imprint your hand with a middle finger up, or your face, or genitalia, but these were no ordinary Pinpressions, these where ENORMOUS!! So, we immediately made the most inappropriate pictures possible.

I made this one of me vomiting. Unfortunately, this picture is weirdly colored and a little blurry.

And we were constantly having to battle with children for workspace, but it worked out nicely this time to acheive this effect:

I had really been trying to figure out what more to add, it seemed lacking, and then this kid just brought it. He just went around to all the pinpression boards smashing his face in them at that height, unknowingly creating this. His dad came around the other side and was almost on the ground rolling he was laughing so hard. He kept calling other dad's over to come look.

Finally, when the kids cleared out, we had the boards to ourselves. This is what we left behind:

There were others, but we didn't get them all. Unfortunately, that last one is blurry and discolored too, but it was a very nice day of the dead looking skeleton with a terrifying face. The full bodied picture is called "I need an adult."

I would love to have an entire Pinpression wall in my home that I could manipulate each day.


Laser McNeal said...

Really nice work! The vomiting one is by far the greatest. Are there any plans for you and that kid teaming up for a reunion tour?

John Brooks Pounders said...

Wow, you definitely scarred some little kids for life. Good job, you've brought a smile to an old man's face.

Dm said...

Hello there! I can't bealive your post! I had the same experience with a Pinpression wall here in denmark and I would love to have a whole wall of that as well!!! Did you lind out more about ways to really make one?
Thank you,

Falcon Steele said...

unfortunately, i have not found out how to create your own. i did a very basic google search a long time ago and then forgot about it. i will begin anew starting now! Go!....