Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Montgomery, AL destroys guns

City officials in Montgomery, AL decided to destroy confiscated guns by means of bulldozer, buzz-saws, and blowtorches ( kinda sounds like a good name for a country music album. I hope you're listening Hank Williams Jr.)

Was this the easiest and most effective way to keep these deadly weapons away from those with harmful and malicious intentions? I think they should have dumped them into the Atlantic Ocean or better yet...the Arctic Ocean. Do what the Russians (I think that's who it was) did when they claimed some areas in the arctic by placing their flag at the bottom of the ocean. If they want the guns bad enough they can obtain them at their own risk. They could also dump them in a tank of hungry sharks and then have the tank guarded by tigers. The best solution might be to chain or gorilla glue them to Kimono Dragons. I'd like to see'em get those guns!



Falcon Steele said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! but what about the girls in bikini's who need them!?!? you know, from before...

Laser McNeal said...

These are low quality know...strictly for killing. Those girls in bikinis look like they only like to fire high quality powerful guns. I don't think they're destroying any guns like that. I've heard Mayor Bright is a Bikini Gun enthusiast, I don't think he would do anything to hurt that bond or his standing among the Bikini Gun Alliance.