Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andrew Jackson's America: Chicks With Guns

These videos are Jacksonian Democracy defined. If his immortal soul were still politically active (he lives in the Appalachain foothills in a converted bus these days and is sometimes seen at John Birch Society meetings), he'd walk back into the white house wearing a shirt that read "Bush is a Pussy," and slap that Trust Fund Baby in the face - making W into Jackson's 15th duel. If you can survive 14 duels, one more wont hurt. So, here's to Old Hickory's America:

Thank goodness the Republican's let the Automatic Weapon Ban expire in 2004, we really needed those back - as Americans. And now we are a stronger nation in 2008!

Hell Yes!!!


Laser McNeal said...

That was AWESOME! I guess there is something sexy or erotic about sexy women and automatic weapons. I don't know...at the risk of sounding girly...I was really just scared. Guns freak me out. These videos freaked me out too...in a sexy way. Very Scary.