Monday, March 10, 2008

Jane Austin Action Figure? Not After Seeing This!

When it comes to action figures, the possibilities are endless. You can pretty much find any kind of action figure that you can imagine. So when I saw Falcon's post about the Jane Austin action figure I was a little surprised that he was so impressed. I decided to highlight a couple of figures that are truly essential when building a collection. I say essential because they form the ultimate task force of platinum pimps on a mission to kick ass and remain funky fresh and silky-smooth at the same time.

Come on! Look at how pimp-tastic Eisenhower and Reagan appear. Just because you have a butt load of military experience doesn't mean you can't work a red suit.

These figures are also essential because of the important accomplishments of each man. From Eisenhower's fashion sense, to Reagan's looming influence in the GOP, to the Pope mobile, to Mandela's iron crushing grip and razor-like karate chops. Would you really want to find yourself in a dark alley with any of these men?

All I have to say is that I found this 12 inch Jareth action figure. That's right! From The Labyrinth! Just saying, "I saw my baby, trying hard as babe could try. What could I do? My baby's fun had gone, and left my baby blue. Nobody knew"

Anyway...I thought this was cooler than Jane Austin. I mean...I couldn't even finish Pride and Prejudice in high school. Too Girly! Link


Falcon Steele said...

you sort of fully explained why i got so excited about the jane austen action figure. i've seen action figures for just about everything, but never for a boring-ass, lady-book author. i mean, they for real wouldn't make a danielle steele action figure with new macbook pro and bic v5 pen action. i guess my point is that she is the author of the book, the invisible narrator, we dont need an incarnation of her. no one would care, they are concerned with the character's she created. why would anyone make an action figure of her? i mean, other than public television.

Laser McNeal said...

You're right! Danielle Steele would make a great action figure! I'd like to see that on my desk pronto! I understand why you got excited about Jane Austin. I just wanted to show what action figures you should have gotten excited about. My choices would kick your choice's ass. Not just because I made five choices. Individually there is no contest as well! Eat that!