Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Customize Your Action Figures with Celebrity Heads - Like Christopher Walken!!!!

There have been a few posts lately about kick-ass action figures. There were some differing opinions. This lead to more research on the subject. It turns out you don't have to settle for the unique action figures already in production that we have been bickering about. You can customize your own action figures. A Christopher Walken 1/6 scale custom resin head was the first discovery that lead to a slew of other custom celebrity heads. All of which can be found on ebay. You just put the head on a He-Man action figure body and suddenly Christopher Walken is yelling "By the power of Grayskull!!" and hitting on Teela. Now, you can finally watch Telly Savalas fight a Charles Bronson/Charlton Heston tag team like you've always wanted - and you are in control!!!

Christopher Walken

Celebrity Head 5 Pack on Ebay

This guy will make a head from any picture for $180

You can buy bodies here and here.

Ebay has everything you need!!!