Monday, April 14, 2008

A House Divided

(I just threw this together in photoshop really quick...sorry if it's not top quality)

My wife and I went to Alabama's annual spring game this weekend, the A day game. It was awesome. It was also the 2nd highest attended spring game and NCAA football history, 2nd only to last years game. Roll Tide! Anyway...I find it uninteresting to watch a game that I am not pulling for a particular team. I have to have something invested in the game..well...who do you cheer for in a scrimmage between a team and itself? My wife and I made a bet...I decided the white squad was going to beat the crimson squad so if I won she had to buy me a Dale Jr. racing jacket.

She said that if the Crimson team won I would have to buy her the Sex and the City box set and a M and M racing jacket...she is shrewd. This made the game really interesting. I was really excited at first because the white team was kicking some butt. They scored the first touchdown and I jumped out of my seat and grabbed and shook her. She was annoyed and wanted to call off the bet, but didn't. The game became really exciting as the Crimson team kicked a field goal putting them on the board. The later went on to score two touchdowns. I was trying to rally my team by chanting, "Steaks, steaks, steaks!!!!". You see, the winner of the game is served steak for dinner by the loosing team. The loosing team gets to eat beans. Nothing doing. The Crimson team went on to win the game. It was a well fought game, extremely exciting and I was freaking out at the intense...white team was in it all the way...I knew they could pull it off...but, they didn't. I guess that's why I want to get a flag like the one I made in photoshop. Like I would marry someone who cheered for another team...I mean it was almost a deal breaker in the marriage when I found out that she liked Notre Dame. No TRUE Bama fan likes Notre Dame...BUT, I'm not even going to get started on that tangent.

I don't know how we missed this. read about it here.