Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"A Day" Legacy

I was pleased to read in the newspaper today about the Crimson Tide learning from the lessons of A Day (improving upon the problematic areas that presented themselves). The way this article was presented was what seems to be the Montgomery Advertiser's attempt to lull me into a false sense of security in order to kick me repeatedly in the guts (they know I only read Saban related articles!!!!). The article started out this way, talking about practice continuing yesterday. Then I flipped to page four of the sports' section to read the obnoxious celebrations of the victorious Crimson team! 24-14! Reminding the readers that MY White team had to eat beans and franks while the Crimson team was gorging themselves on steaks! I'm sorry!!!!! I just get a little emotional around this time of year because of this bitter rivalry that ranks as the biggest rivalry in all college football if not the biggest rivalry in the history of the world! This rivalry surpasses that of Alabama and Auburn; Alabama and Tennessee; Ohio State and Michigan; Notre Dame and all of there non-conference rivals (that's right, they don't have a freaking conference!!! I'm enraged thinking about it!); the Union and the Confederacy; Bayside and Valley; and John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. I'm just saying, this game will be remembered for years and years to come! It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about Rashad Johnson, Ronaldo McClain, and Jimmy Johns eating franks and beans! I'm so angry!

Link to the salt in my wounds!