Saturday, February 7, 2009

Review: Man v. Food

My wife and I have found another show that we enjoy. Man v. Food airs on the travel Channel on Wednesdays at 10 pm eastern. They also air reruns before hand. These are the shows we watch. For one, I have a hard time staying up that late. Secondly, if we do stay up that late, my wife insists that we watch Top Chef.

Man v. Food has an interesting formula. Adam Richman, the host, travels to different locations. At these locations he visits three eateries. The first two establishments are usually choose because of their fame or they represent the area's style of cuisine. At the third establishment, Richman participates in a local eating challenge. This part of the show is probably my favorite. Sometimes Richman challenges a local eating champ, teams up with a local partner, or goes solo (I like variety). At the end of each show a faux press conference is held where Richman entertains questions about the challenge.

Adam Richman seems like an atypical television host. Not because he lacks charisma (he has charisma--out the wazoo), but because he looks like a normal guy. In fact, he is normal. His qualifications for being a host is based on his restaurant experience--no he's not a famous chef--he's held every job in the restaurant industry.

I also enjoy watching Richman taste all of the varieties of food. When Richman eats his face tenses up in preparation for the violent teeth on food collision.