Tuesday, February 3, 2009

movie review: Death Race

Death Race takes place in the year 2012 in a United States that suffers from rampant crime and a terrible economy. The situation that the viewer is introduced caused me to feel uncomfortable—it seemed too close to home. I initially thought that the filmmakers behind this project might be trying to issue a warning to the citizens of these United States. Maybe they were trying to impact culture much like its predecessor—Death Race 2000. This movie was probably responsible for many drivers issuing point values to possible targets present in roadways.
My dreary thoughts of our country’s present economic situation were quickly forgotten once Statham found his place behind bars in Terminal Island Prison. He was immediately at work facing up threatening inmates and causing them to think twice about confronting or assailing him.
This movie had some great driving scenes (NASCAR should take notes…or not…maybe that’s how the U.S. got into this situation in the first place), explosions, and fights. Statham once again shines.