Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun with Grammer and Psych

I've been talking to my friend JB lately about one of his projects. This project involves grammar--specifically loving it in ever sense of the word. In fact, he recently launched honkifyoulovegrammar.com

Okay...on to Psych. I recently started watching this show. I was home one day and caught a marathon. It was awesome. A great mixture of humor and mystery. Not to mention that it features the actress from Model Behavior. If you have the acting chops to share the screen with JT...you must be pretty good...GREAT! I definitely recommend watching an episode or two.

Okay...tying up loose ends...

This particular episode that I encoded in this post reminded me instantly of my friend JB, and his new project. You'll understand what I'm talking about in the first couple of minutes of the show.

Wow...what a catchy theme song. Am I right? It's been in my head all day.