Friday, February 13, 2009

Nick Saban Fan Art

I've had a great bit of down time recently. Believe it or not, I did not play NCAA football the whole time on xbox. Also, I didn't get drunk. One project that I started to help pass time and keep my creativity flowing was painting Nick Saban. As some of you know, my favorite pictures of Saban are those where he is demonstrating his passion for football. This project was difficult. I have heard that skin tone was difficult to replicate, but somehow I was still amazed at this challenge. I think this is a pretty good start...I will probably be painting another Saban soon. I think there are still some areas that I can improve. What do you think? Do you have any Saban fan art? I would be very excited to see it.


Vicki said...

My suggestion is to work on sizing a bit. Coach Saban is NOT big and brawny as this painting would make him. He CAN get his mouth wide open like that when he's yelling. ROLL TIDE!!!

Laser McNeal said...

Yeah, that's one thing I wasn't satisfied with. I don't think that I captured his proportions correctly. This was my first think it was pretty successful with that in mind. I also wasn't exactly happy with his facial expression...I wanted to fully capture his passion in the scream...not sure that I did. Thanks for your comments. ROLL TIDE!

Falcon Steele said...

i think coach saban should be bigger and brawnier and made of titanium. i mean, this is a painting, so you use the image to symbolize his raw power. realism is stupid.