Monday, January 12, 2009

A National Treasure 3 for the People

I recently read half of American Lion. This book gave me a new understanding of the 7th president. It also gave me some inspiration for today's post. I like Jackson feel that I can speak for the people. What the people want is National Treasure 3 to be the most awesome movie that Nicolas Cage ever makes. Yes, this does seem like a large task with the release of Kick Ass on the horizon. I know that some of you might be in the grasp of a violent double take, but I assure you that this is a fresh entry. This entry comes in the wake of Cage's birthday and a discussion that I had with Falcon. He is actually sort of responsible (hold your stones)for this post since he informed me of the great attention that this post's predecessor is receiving. Yes, the people have spoken and are speaking. In face as I am speaking now, people are speaking. All over the internet.

So what can the caretakers of the legacy of National Treasure 3 do to please the people? What steps must they take? Well...first and foremost they should have a more simplified storyline compared to National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Don't throw everything that you have at us. We need a regular Swiss army knife not the ultimate Swiss army knife. That doesn't mean it can't be entertaining. It just means that the story should be good and there should not be an overabundance of plot holes. Step two: refer to the previous post about National Treasure 3. One of my only complaints about the first National Treasure is that the quote that brought me to the theater was missing. "Talk to me dollar bill."

These are just a few demands that the people have. Please continue to monitor this blog for additional insight into the mind of the people.