Friday, September 4, 2009

Today is Roll MF'in Tide Day at Work

well, really it's wear your school colors on casual friday day. that translates to roll mf'in tide day where i come from. the first game of the season is tomorrow and that rulez. yes with a z. there's a lot of buzz about football on the facebooks. i noticed that some of my nc state friends were disappointed by last night's showing. i went online to check out to find the score from the evening before. what i found was inspiring. nc state hired a local independent rock band named airiel down to contemporize their school's fight song.

(i wonder if they know what loitering means? if they do! oh man, that's hard!)

check out the contemporary version! it's totally rockin. i really like how they yell out the team mascot at the beginning. i think that is a trademark. here's another song where they yell at the beginning:

airiel down also composed the fight song for the carolina hurricanes. it's on their myspace. this got me thinking. alabama should pay a band to contemporize their fight song. we could get saliva, the makers of "click click boom," or those guys who did the "ew ah ah ah ah" song to cover the fight song or rammer jammer. actually, the football program has so much money, we could lose the marching band altogether and pay one of these bands to play live in the stadium. now that would be rad.


Laser McNeal said...

George Scharein sent me a video from youtube where this guy sings his own version of the fight song to the tune of the fight song. It is pretty awesome. It talks about how Bama is going to win like 42 national championships under Saban. I was actually going to post the video, but the last several minutes reveal that the guy is an Auburn fan. Most of those minutes are filled with the guy yelling "Piss on Bama". I couldn't bring myself to post this. Plus his backdrop was a rebel flag with Hank Williams Jr's face positioned in the center. I don't support the use of the rebel flag.

I agree that the fight song should be modernized. A lot of the people feel that Bama fans live in the past. I live in the future. By future I mean Saban era. Maybe Will Smith, Paul McCartney, Michael Phelps, and Saban could do the honor of updating the fight song. That's my suggestion. People at the top of their game should be picked. The song should have a new stanza written that focuses on Saban. Mainly how luxurious his hair is and how he drives women crazy.

Falcon Steele said...

as a future liver, you could always rip the youtube video from youtube with a youtube ripping site, cut the auburn bullshit off the end and replace it with an explosion of 3-d elephants playing double-guitars. then post it. you could also be my backup when i drink mine away. it is actually your liver. i stole it one night when you were passed out junior year. but you knew that. ah, college....