Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Pogo Track and Video

pogo has released a new video to his youtube account. oddly enough, i found him a long time ago looking up the word faggotron (the username on the account) because my friend mike referred to all of his friends with this endearing term in the mid ninties. this is long before it was common place. he was an innovator. so is pogo. pogo's first big hit is called "alice" and has received more than 3 million views on youtube. alice is a track developed by sampling and looping dialogue, sounds, and soundtrack from disney's alice in wonderland. it's one of my favorite things. the song is a blissful meditation on synesthetic euphoria and fading emotional and imaginative memory, if i may be so lame to say myself. i posted about it over a year ago. since then, he's done a few interviews, started a last.fm page and a blog. what info has come out of that? he's a 21 year old south african born australian that makes cool tracks. this new track, "bangarang," was developed with the same looping and sampling techniques, but from the movie hook. take a look.

and watch "alice" if you havent.


Jade said...

Any chance "Bangarang" will be available for download? It's probably my favorite so far.

Falcon Steele said...

it's all available for download on his last.fm page linked in the post. but it's also only 128kbps