Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pogo's Bangarang has Been Removed From Youtube

here's what he has to say about it:

Ahoy Everyone,

Today, Sony Pictures Entertainment claimed that 'Bangarang' is an infringement of copyright, and the video has been removed from YouTube. I suppose this had to happen eventually given the kind of world we live in.

Because I believe the world is what we make it, I aim to investigate the reasoning behind this manoeuvre and speak with whoever is in charge. I want to make it very clear to my listeners and anyone questioning the legalities of my work that:

1. My tracks are strictly non-profit, and will never make me a dime until all samples are cleared.
2. I do not, and have never aimed to supersede the works from which I sample. My tracks promote the films from which they are sampled, commercially and culturally.
3. My tracks help to fulfill the intention of copyright law by stimulating creativity for the enrichment of the general public.
4. My tracks pose absolutely no threat to the markets of the films from which they are sampled. On the contrary, they have acted as stimulants for these markets in that many viewers express desire to purchase the films I promote after watching my videos.

My work serves as free viral marketing to the organisations that own the films I sample from. It's high time the music industry pulls its head out of its ass, and realises that today's remix culture is an asset, not a liability. To shoot down the potential here would be utterly illogical.

My deepest gratitude to everyone for their amazing support. It inspires me to know that the world is full of people like you that encourage original thinking and welcome the future. Our right to create, enrich and inspire is one of our most valuable freedoms as a society, and I will not have that freedom taken away from me.


well put.