Thursday, December 11, 2008

Something I made and Like A Lot

My friend Brian and I shot this. I like it. Other folks do too. Our existence has been validated.

Deerhunter - White Ink from Justin Gaar on Vimeo.


Laser McNeal said...

Pretty cool. It makes me mad that I never figured out how people manipulate know to turn it into faces and other stuff. I would like to know that...I want to know it right now! I'm not leaving until you tell me. That was really crazy when everything started shaking like a jellyfish or breast implant. Can you shoot some footage of tide so I can try to do Psyop's Brazil effect. I lack a camera.

Todd said...

I like Deerhunter more than you do!

Falcon Steele said...

todd, why do you always have to be hipper than everyone else?