Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coffee Time Bitch!

This year I have been engulfed in Bama-madness. So much that...this past week was horrible. It was like crashing after eating 800 pixies sticks. I was screaming and ranting like a conspiracy theorist during the game...and ever since. 12/6/2008 will probably haunt me the rest of my life. Thanks a lot Tebow and Gary Danielson with the Tebow love fest that you led!!!!! Anyway...That's not really what I wanted to talk about. Some of you out there might remember my excitement over Alabama's Freshman wide receiver, Julio Jones. During the end of this season I have gotten behind another one of Alabama's talented players, Glen Coffee. I have even taken an old phrase that Falcon and I frequently used during our coffee chugging contests. It was all-you-can drink coffee...but no good can come from chugging multiple cups of coffee. Trust me. Anyway...we use to scream "Coffee Time Bitch!" to start these competitions. I have recently revived this phrase and have been yelling it to support Mr. Coffee. I have been trying to design a t-shirt with this phrase. I have included my first attempt...but I am not sure it is anywhere near complete. I challenge all of you to take up this banner and use it to bring future victory for the tide. After all, Mr. Coffee will mostly likely return next year. He is a junior. Okay...I'm not sure why the full design didn't upload...bitch was also supposed to be a different color. How strange.