Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've Had it With the BCS!

Okay...I has everyone else. I've held my tongue for long enough. Something has to change with the BCS. I would prefer a playoff system, but change needs to occur even if a playoff doesn't. There needs to be a reason behind some of the decisions being made...besides tradition. Why should the number three team play the number ten team? This is the source of my most recent outrage with this idiotic system. That's I'm talking virtual football for a second...even though I do not agree with Texas playing Ohio State...when they should be playing Bama (come on they're #4). In my last season of NCAA 08 my Louisiana Tech Bulldogs were totally screwed over! I'm not talking about the real life La Tech, the one that plays in the WAC conference and rarely if ever goes La Tech took Baylor's place in the Big 12 conference and last season their strength of schedule was an A+. Oh...and they were undefeated. They beat two teams that were ranked #1 and three that were ranked #2 (and various ranked teams peppered here and there for flavor). Okay, that's one thing they should fix. They also should force all teams to belong to a conference and each conference should have similar rules (that means they should either all have conference championships are not have them at all). Okay...I'll stop. I've calmed down a little bit. Thanks for listening.


Falcon Steele said...

i hate it too! how can the number #1 team in the country lose a post season game and drop to #4. that doesnt make sense. i think florida and alabama should be in the bcs championship game against one another as a rematch. florida was afforded one loss, and to a crappy team, when alabama is not, even though they lost in a post season championship game that they could have won to the team that is now in the bcs championship. it's stupid. i really think there should be only one conference and teams should play every team in the country - to the death. so that in the end there is only one undeniable champion.

Laser McNeal said...

I've never thought of it that way. That makes perfect sense. Then people couldn't say, "I still think USC is the best team" because they would be dead. If they were so good how come they're so dead. Thanks for the fresh perspective!