Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sandy Paws Grooming Shop

Sandy Paws Grooming Shop does this to poodles:

And this:

There are so many more right here.

My friend Todd from Eating Vicariously Through Todd found this one and he thinks this woman is an excellent 30 minute doc. I believe he is correct.

after further inspection of the site, i've found that this woman participates in renaissance faires. of course she does. i didn't just misspell fair, that's how the ren faire likes it.


Todd said...

It looks like she's the only one there. She's the creative and crafty type. Do you think there's a chance that she created her own faire just so she could enjoy it with her dog uninterrupted. There might be a huge back story to why she created her own ren faire. Is she too good for the others, or is she an outcast? This subplot just upped the doc time to a 45 minute Frontline piece

Laser McNeal said...

Wow. This is why you two or my favorite investigative journalists. Keep up the good work! This stuff blows my mind!