Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saban: My Inspiration

Most of you probably have guessed by now that I appreciate Alabama Football. In fact, it freaking rules! This past year for my birthday I was given one of the most awesome presents ever!(It ranked right up there with the Easy Bake Oven. Brownies anytime I wanted!) I have been thinking that it would be awesome if I sent Saban a similar picture for his birthday. I'm not sure when his birthday is and for some reason I think it has already passed. Last weekend several of my friends came over to watch the Bama game. I decided to take some Saban inspired pictures. I wanted to take an action picture too. It took a while to get the framing just right. After that was taken car of, I decided that we needed to bring a fan into the room. I needed the wind blown hair look. Here are some pictures that we took.

Taking pictures with fans is really fun. Even though I'm sure Saban would never do such a thing. But, alas everyone cannot have perfect hair. I urge others to show their appreciation for inspirational figures in their lives. I know Falcon will be quick to honor his heroes--John Mellencamp, Kobe Bryant, and Bonnie Blair.


Falcon Steele said...

i'm not sure that i've ever revealed my fanaticism for bonnie blair before. how would you know that? have you somehow seen the tattoo?

Laser McNeal said...

I've heard the urban legend. It was all over UA's campus. I just thought if I called you out on it you might admit it yourself! YES!

Falcon Steele said...