Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ideas in Progress (so we dont forget them)

Stacey Shirley's Jewelry Emporium for Men (not Stacey Shirley's Men's Jewelry Emporium - he does NOT own men)
So, this is a commercial for a jewelry emporium owned by a man named Stacey Shirley. The purpose of the commercial is to teach men about the masculine qualities of wearing jewelry. Some preliminary ideas for this are listed in older posts.

MAN! idea

One time at the creek Robby got really drunk and started throwing rocks and yelling "Man!" From that point on, anytime someones questions him on any ground, he picks up a rock and throws it while yelling "MAN!" So, we are going to make a series of short (30 secs probably) videos that use this as a gag. They will consist of a guy doing something subtly feminine. When someone notices he throws down whatever it is he is doing and picks up an inexplicably placed rock and throws it. Then yells "Man!" and points to himself. We still have to work out the circumstances that lead to this punch -line.

Umma Do ME
This is a mock music video - not a parody. It will play out like a rap video for the new hit song "Umma Do Me" and will eventually lead to homoerotic doppelganger sex scene.


Falcon Steele said...

here are some more ideas:

so, if robby allows it, i was thinking it would be funny to use the footage from his wedding to do this. anyway, so we see a couple getting married at the altar, then lying in bed together that night, the man says to the woman "i'm so glad we've saved ourselves for this moment." fade to black. fade up the next morning, they are both asleep. the guy begins to open his eyes, looks sort of surprised and disoriented, turns to the side to see the girl laying beside him. he has a realization. he slowly slides out of bed. cut to him sliding shoes on and grabbing things around the room that are his. close up of him grabbing his keys off the dresser across the room. this all seems very natural and he is entranced in his motions. then cut to a wide shot behind the head board of the bed, which reveals that his new wife is awake and sitting up. she says "where are you going?" he stops moving, turns and looks at her and says " um, i got to get going, i..." he is looking around the room and his eyes fall on a photo of the couple together - their engagement photos. he turns and looks at her, and says quietly to himself "oh, yeah." turns to her and chuckles as he says, "i'm sorry, i guess it's just habit."

i dont know about the ending, it could use work to make it funny.

the other idea i had would open on two guys sitting in a living room with chairs facing one another. the camera slowly pulls back to reveal a live silverback gorilla milling about behind guy one. the gorilla seems to be getting increasingly more worked up and begins to push things over and destroy the room. guy two says "is there something you want to talk about?" in a concerned voice. guy one says, "no, no nothing why?" guy two says,
"well, cause there is an enormous goril.."
"SHHHHH, dont make eye contact"
"what? dont make..."
there is a long beat as the gorilla destroys more of the room. guy one says, "so, how's your family doing?"

also needs work - but i awoke from sleep thinking about these ideas.

Laser McNeal said...

They sound problem with the first one is that Emily and I didn't have a videographer at our wedding. No video. Sorry. I guess we'd need a gorilla costume for the second. I like it though. Are both of the guys scared or is Guy 1 calm?