Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The First Idea

The idea is simple, maybe too simple. We begin with one picture, I'm not sure what picture, but it will be one picture of either of us, somewhere, doing something. Then the picture is sent to the other one and the composition is copied exactly, but an element is added - hopefully magic. Then the picture is sent to the other person and copied again, including the new element and adding another element - more magic. And it goes on like this until we decide it has become too much. I'm not sure if this description is too general and we are going to run into a lot of problems, perhaps their should be more obstructions, but I guess we won't know until we try it.

(an hour later) so this IS going to prove to be way too difficult, so we have changed the project to be the shape of the body has to stay the same. say robby goes first, which he is cause our intern chose him, and he sits in a chair with one arm in the air, i would then have to come up with another photo of me in a sitting position with one arm in the air. i suppose i could just also sit in a chair, but then that would be no fun. the first pictures, hopefully will go up this week.


Laser McNeal said...

We also agreed that photoshop (or other imaging software) would not be entered into the equation.

Falcon Steele said...

well now that we've changed the project, i say photo alteration is allowed.