Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strangely Perverse Bud Light Commercial

i find the idea for this add really strange. everyone knows that if you buy bud light you're a pervert deserving of public scorn, but is bud light that cognizant of their clientele? as a fall-back-beer budweiser drinker, i'm thinking.... yes.


Laser McNeal said...

That's very weird. I'm not sure what kind of message they are trying to send. They probably should have had the bud light smooth things over. If I owned a brewery my commercials would tell people that my beers could get them out of any jam. My first commercial would be about a guy on parole who finds a dead hooker in his hotel room. What should he do? Buy a bunch of trash bags and a hack saw? No that's just disgusting. Buy my beer instead! The commercial is a huge success. So is the beer. I'm doing the backstroke in an obscene amount of money McDuck style!