Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Conversation with Todd: Clash of the Titans

I often talk to Todd in the morning via gchat. I thought today's conversation was worth sharing with everyone.

me: Sup, dawg?

Just looking at new awesomeness.

me: Looks pretty bad ass! They just need more explosions and badass cars. Where are all the car chases?

Todd: And quicker cuts in the trailer. I was almost able to make out what the actors and monsters looked like.

me: lame! What were they thinking? But would make the thing cooler. And tanks and jets…and a boat chase sequence.Also…where's Statham?!!!They really need him.

Todd: I bet he's the final boss.

me: That would be sweet. Is he playing Hitler?! That's just messed up! Statham can't play Hitler!Burt Reynolds could though…Statham could be Hitler's brother.

Todd: in real life? That would explain a lot.

me: Maybe…that's not what I was talking about...but, you're right. It makes a lot of sense…especially the awesome driving skills.

Todd: And the ability to get the hot girls.Did you ever see Crank 2?

me: Not yet I need to.

End of conversation. I do really need to see Crank 2. I've been meaning to. No excuses though. I'm sorry for letting all of you down out there.