Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tornado vs. House

This guy I worked with in college just contacted me about a video we worked on together. Apparently it is receiving a lot of views on youtube. We created this video as part of a going away celebration for a former Dean of the College of Communication at Bama. I created the 3D house. We went to the Dean's house and took a bunch of pictures so that I could make a pretty realistic version. At the time, I was pretty nervous we were going to get yelled at or one of the neighbors was going to call the cops. I think it looks pretty suspicious when several college students are taking pictures of a nice house.

It's very classy to let someone know that you are re-using a collaboration. Thanks, Ben.


Falcon Steele said...

wow. you're video is quite controversial. it appears that there is a debate on the youtubes as to whether the video is fake or not. some argue that the video is real. some argue that the video is fake. some argue that the landscape and house are fake, but that the tornado is real. well, if i can put in my two cents, i think the video camera used to shoot the incident is fake, the house itself is fake, the tornado is fake, the landscape is fake, except, the leaves on the trees and shutters on the house are real.

Laser McNeal said...

You have quite the eye! That's exactly right. I guess we did a pretty convincing job...but, not convincing enough!