Monday, October 19, 2009

Critique: Miller Lite's New Commercials

I'm guessing Miller is trying to tempt you with the refreshing nature of its beer by haphazardly pouring it everywhere. In my opinion there is just something wrong about being so wasteful with beer intentionally. Sure, you have to waste a little beer when you pour the first one from the tap. If you don't want any head. I know this is the way it works in this case, but I still feel sad after every pour. Has Miller never heard of a party foul? Seriously! You don't spill beer if you don't have to. There is nothing tempting about the way beer spilling looks. Just show it carefully, even over-protectively being guided into a perfectly chilled glass. Do they think average Americans are going to want to purchase a product that promotes wastefulness? Wake up, Miller! No time to be asleep at the wheel.


Falcon Steele said...

would you be upset if i told you that i flush my toilet with miller lite? i dont consider it wasteful. i wasnt ever considering drinking it.

Laser McNeal said...

That's a tough call. I think it's a little bit of a different situation. You are all about luxury and excess. Miller Lite is supposed to be a drink for everyday Americans. I'm actually surprised that you stopped using Cristal. I guess everyone has been hit a little.

Falcon Steele said...

cristal was messing up my plumbing. i found that miller lite keeps my pipes free of corrosion and my overhead is much lower. so, i suppose it gives me the satisfaction i desire, while getting the job done. maybe i have more in common with the average american than i thought....USA! USA! USA!