Friday, August 21, 2009

Snuff Box

this is one of my favorite shows. i know that boingboing already had a post about snuff box a year or so ago, but i really feel that this point needs to be reiterated: if you've never seen or heard of snuff box, then run man, run to your nearest dvd proprietor and buy the shit out of it. if you're poor, i've got .avi's of them all at home and we can work out a busing system to get you over to my house to view them. the show, written by and starring matt berry and rich fulcher, contains sketches and punchlines within the shell of a narrative that has no beginning and no end. it's quite chaotic, reminiscent of an eighties bbc comedy show called young ones, with less of a sitcom structure. you don't know young ones? COME ON MAN!!!

matt berry is the high executioner to the king (hangman) and rich fulcher is his assistant. when they're not relaxing in the gentlemen's club for hangmen, they're actually hanging someone or playing other characters in bizarrely juxtapositioned sketches. unfortunately, the show only appears to have had six episodes, which is a normal bbc first season. i'm unaware if the show is being continued, but the first season alone is fantastic. any might boosh, it crowd, man to man with dean learner, or garth marenghi's darkplace fans should know about this show. berry and fulcher actually met while shooting the mighty boosh. if you are one of these fans and know nothing of it, well, i've just informed you and you should see it. you will love it. matt berry wrote and performs the theme song, which i thoroughly enjoy. the theme song comes into play pretty heavily in almost every episode (beyond it being the opening theme, asshole). here's the theme song and some choice sketches:

that should give you a pretty good idea of what this show is about. the first season is out on dvd, so go and get it why not?