Friday, August 1, 2008

Motion Graphics with a Message

I learned about Good Magazine when I checked out one of's quickies. Quickies are links to various things that they deem cool, but not cool enough to devote explanation or a great deal of their attention to (I think that's how you would describe quickies). Anyway, they had a link to a video about the World's oil consumption. After viewing this video I checked out a couple of their other videos that were posted on youtube. What really impressed me about these videos was the way that they creatively and effectively conveyed their message with motion graphics.

I would have to say this video was the most entertaining video that I viewed. It's a rap video with information about endangered species. This is the kind of edge that the science rap video that I posted yesterday could of used. Pandas with gold chains and gold grills...always a winner!

This video and issue may be a little less current, but I like the way they used western images with the candidates. Pretty Cool.

I think this magazine is something that should be checked out. They definitely have a fresh and entertaining way of getting information out to the public. Good Magazine