Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Julio Still Don't Eat Beans!!!

Football season is a couple of weeks away. Alabama's first big game is with Clemson and it looks like Alabama's freshman receiver core will see some action. Yes, there has been a ton of hype about Julio Jones, but according to my number one source for news (my wife), he is living up to the hype. What this means is Saban is probably happy and when he's happy there is some sort of majestic glow that originates from his stylish mane. I'm feaking pumped! More jacked about this than I am after I drink a couple Pibb Xtras. So....I decided to revamp my Julio Don't Eat Beans t-shirt. I think this one is pretty cool.

I wonder if there is way to get Nic Cage to wear one of these in National Treasure 3. He's gotta be a BAMA fan! I've seen ConAir. He's just gotta be.

Oh yeah...If you didn't see my initial post, you probably won't have any idea what I'm talking about. Or you might not anyway. The winner of Alabama's spring game is served steaks by the losing team. The losing team not only has to serve the winning team, but they also have to eat BEANS. My favorite team is the White Squad(starting Defense). Too bad it looks like Julio will probably play on the Crimson Squad (starting offense). I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Fierce Pajamas said...

forget conair. have you seen raising arizona? nic is mos def a bama fan! and i hear that julio's favorite movie is national treasure. maybe he could make a cameo in a restaurant eating a steak while ben is meeting some underground fugitive historian for a stolen relic to help solve whatever crazy space mystery awaits.

Laser McNeal said...

That is a brilliant idea!

Fierce Pajamas said...

pitch it to julio, he's got charisma, i think he'd slam dunk that scene, itd be like the "ill have what he's having" from when harry met sally

maybe you can even give him a line, just in passing background ambiance the waitress can ask if he wants beans or fries and he can bellow, "julio dont eat no beans!" and storm out, creating a perfect diversion for the relic switch a roo

Laser McNeal said...

Are you a screenwriter? It appears that you've done this before.

Jason said...

What if Julio is put in the eternal battle of awesome and most badass and he must choose to rely on his already superhuman abilities to make greatest catch ever to win the Intergalactic NCAA Bowl Championship Extravaganza 2009, OR he can eat jumping BEANS and ensure he makes the play? Is he ready for that moment?