Thursday, December 10, 2009


for whatever reason, this is one of the funniest things i've seen in a little while. mostly the tom hankses. i laughed out loud in a room by myself. not by the influence of other people's gaiety, but an honest, out-loud laugh. it was no chortle, either.

this was created by johnny chew, the younger brother of my friend billy chew. there's more on his website.


Laser McNeal said...

This is very incoherent. A bunch of random stuff joined together. Also I would expect Tom Hankses to be a little bit more gentler with their making out. But, it might just be me. I was expecting to be blown away just like with Pirates of the Caribbean. Then again, it might just be me being weird, I haven't met too many people who agree with me about Pirates of the Caribbean. I 'd rather watch a cockroach hump a PEZ dispenser. Now, that's entertainment!

Falcon Steele said...

the ride or the film?

Laser McNeal said...

The film. I think I've been on the ride before. But, I really am not a rides kind if guy. So there are not many that I like. I would prefer to chill out and sip on some good beer.