Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take a Child Outdoors

This is for a new campaign called Take a Child Outdoors. The idea being that instead of our usual personal address, we'd make a subtle video that evoked an emotional memory. I wanted it to be something an adult would see and remember their childhood outdoors and think "I want my children growing up with similar memories to reflect upon." In those awkward words exactly... Anyway, I really got the idea from the Sea and Cake's video for their song "Weekend." That video struck an emotional chord with me and I thought I could do the same with a similar idea but instead of what I assume is imagery from New England, we'd portray a good Alabama summer. The video is colored to look like a homemade film from some distant summer adventure to imply, again, a distant memory. I know, I know. I've really over thought a goofy minute long spot, but I really like the way it turned out. I've put it up here without any of the graphics that would accompany it because I think it speaks for itself. The track is by damu the fudgemunk.

Summer 2009 from justin gaar on Vimeo.

this is another spot from the take a child outdoors campaign. this one is not so subtle and really isn't about taking a child outdoors. it's a command.

go outside from justin gaar on Vimeo.


Laser McNeal said...

I was expecting more blood. I thought that was your style. I'm still not sure what to make of this telling parents that kids should be sent outside when they are being annoying and asking too many questions? When do I have ME time? I gotta watch my stories!

Falcon Steele said...

exactly. this is before i added graphics and post effects. the blood is in there, oh, it's in there.

Laser McNeal said...

Oh, I read that in the description. I should have known what that meant.