Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This destroyed an imac, a macbook, 6 external harddrives totalling 2 terabytes, a digital camera, a printer, a scanner, a router, a modem, countless cables, a dv deck, 4 surge protectors, 2 sets of speakers, a subwoofer, photos, drawings, sketchbooks, a half finished cell animation, files, papers, every song i ever recorded, every video project from college, every digital picture we ever took, every program we ever pirated, and dirtied everything else.


sensleman said...

jesus christ. I am so sorry man... That is ultimate nightmare situation 101 type shit. I know you are not thinking along these lines right now but if you ever want to come grab some of the music and movies I have backed up you are more than welcomed.

Again, I feel your pain.

Manoj Sharma said...

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Falcon Steele said...

WOW! thanks manoj!