Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Listen If U Really Wanna Get 2 Know Me Just Send Me A Note Thanks I Hope I Hear From Ya Ladyz Soon Tke Care Bye." -craigslist posting

The craigslist personals are usually my most favorite stop on the intrawebs. Especially when you find this guy. I really enjoy the Missed Connections section. That's the last stop on the creepy express before stalker-ville.

I like one's like this too, where people show off their good side in a photo.

And then there is this.

It can even serve as an advertisement for World of Warcraft prostitutes.


Laser McNeal said...

Very Nice Indeed! It looks like this guy is doing well in the ladies department. I mean he does well with the ladies. Not that he buys the most fashionable women's clothing. He looks like he has received a good amount of notes. You didn't think I was going to get that did you, Falcon? Pretty ingenious! Wish I would of thought of it.